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Elizabeth Taylor

She is soo flawless!


First Blog!

Oh man!!!!…

There is nothing worse than having to spend Christmas alonee!!!!!

I woke up this morning, in a gloomy mood because no one in the house had any Christmas spirit. It’s so bad that they weren’t even in the house to begin with. Both my sisters thought that it would be more exciting to go out and have fun on Christmas eve, and decided not to come home after. They spent their night over friends’ leaving me alone in this small house!!!

In attempt to keep myself entertained, i look for my trustworthy cell phone and find a couple of Christmas wishes over text, which in fact lifted my mood significantly. A couple hours later though, i’m back in my very sad  unenthusiastic mood:(.

I didnt know what to do….So i decided to start a blog and see where it goes from here!:)